Renagel renvela has been studied in human drug-drug interaction studies with ciprofloxacin, digoxin, warfarin, enalapril, metoprolol and iron. nike air max 2016

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Information about Renagel.

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UseTo control serum phosphorus levels in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis.

May decrease GI absorption of antiarrhythmicfat soluble vitaminsfolic acidand antiseizure medicationstake medications 1 hour before or 3 hours after sevelamer dose.

In interaction studies in healthy volunteersRenagel had no effect on the bioavailability of digoxinwarfarinenalapril or metoprolol.

BACKGROUNDThis multicenteropen-labeldose-titration study assessed the safety and efficacy of RenaGel(Ra nonabsorbed calciumand aluminum-free phosphate binderin lowering serum phosphorusSecondary outcomes were its effects on serum intact parathyroid hormoneiPTHand serum lipids.

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